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Martin Royal

As a bilingual (French and English) performance and leadership coach, Martin works with motivated individuals who want to improve their effectiveness at leading others, building resilience to change and handling priorities with confidence.

Martin draws upon his 15 years experience in career development, leadership development, applied neuroscience and his background in I/O psychology to help clients find ways to stay aligned, focused and engaged. He leverages his experiences with clients across varied industries to offer a structured but flexible approach to coaching that empowers clients in their journey.
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 If after your session, you are not convinced this is the right coach for you. We will work with you to find a more suitable coach with no extra charge or give you a FULL refund.

Martin helped me reignite my passion for my career and my relationships

- Dennis Mitchell

Since starting to work with Martin, people are saying yes to my offers and ideas and I'm so much more clear on my own value

- Beverly Oden