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Lisa Scadron

My coaching practice is deeply rooted in science and art, as well as my own health challenges and daily efforts to maintain wellness.

As a Stanford University alumni and a certified Integrative Health Coach through Duke Integrative Medicine, I partner with people to build a foundation of self-care. I apply evidence-based processes to assist people in shifting their mindset and creating momentum for change.

Taking inspiration from also being a working artist, in art as in coaching, I reject preconceived images and ideas, following “mistakes” and “tangents” to help you navigate the life you want to lead.

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 If after your session, you are not convinced this is the right coach for you. We will work with you to find a more suitable coach with no extra charge or give you a FULL refund.

Lisa led me through piecing together a vision for my future and drew out a genuine ownership within me

- Lori Endicott

Lisa was incredibly helpful in me getting my life back. I had reached a point where I felt like I didn’t know if I could do it. 

- Ethan Watts